2012 April 13th
Awarding of the Commonwealth Stars Award.

2012 October 20th
Lancaster Litfest, Lancaster, UK.

Lancaster Litfest

2012 June 29th, 30th
Poetry Parnassus Festival, The Southbank Centre London.

Poetry Parnassus

2011 April 28th
Presentation of Whispers and Breath of the Meadows, Cafesjian Centre, Yerevan.

2010 November 29th
Poetry Evening, National Opera House, Yerevan.





Unwrap your skin

Tree, unwrap your skin
And hold me within…

I lived my days by ones,
I lived my days by twos,
I tasted love
And torment and sorrows.

I am now weary
Of the days cramped and broad,
I am now weary
Of the sinful and of the good,
I am now weary
Of my wretched grief
And this yearning so poor,
So tree, unwrap your skin
And hold me within

Hold me within your skin
And I shall melt in you
As a spring blossom
In this flowerless day.

In the depths of your leaves
I shall glow
As some hidden sorrow
And I shall rest in deep sleep.

And when the storms come forth
To wrest me away from you,
I shall wake up, my tree,
To roar together with you.

I shall stretch with you,
I shall creak with you
And from the winds and storms
I shall be saved with you.

And on a secret night,
When all fall asleep,
I shall repeat
Magical words to you.

Slowly we shall go,
In secret we shall creep
And make her sleepless
In her sleep.

In her dreams
A magical tree
Will take human form,
Gently it will shake
And with a human voice,
As a bright legend,
Will tell her
Of an eternal, lost love
And endless yearning

And slowly
With our gleaming sorrow
We shall melt back into the earth.


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